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Though the movie Back to the Future came out before I was born, it has always been one of my favorites, and so has Michael J. Fox. In the intro to his story (“The Power of Love,” Dec. 1, 2013), the article was about all the things in Back to the Future II that had come about and were shown in the movie. My brother and I always followed that, and we are hopeful that the streak continues. In the background, there is a flashing billboard that reads: “Cubs Win the World Series!” As die-hard Chicago Cubs fans, we have been hoping that would come true for a long time. Every year that the Cubs have a losing season, we tell each other, “It’ll happen because Back to the Future says so.” Here’s to hoping that that will one day come true.
Chris Reynoldson, Las Vegas

Editor Adam Pitluk Responds: Glad you enjoyed the story, Chris. Michael J. Fox has had quite the inspirational impact on me as well. Go Cubbies!

You are to be commended for the article written by Samuel G. Freedom (“Playing For Pride,” Nov. 15, 2013). It was informative, educational and shows American Airlines’ commitment to promoting diversity. I am a proud African-American educator and diversity specialist, and I have shared your article with friends, historians, other educators … especially sports enthusiasts. Thank you for providing useful and informative articles that promote diversity and provide beneficial reading to enhance the mind.
Naomi Getty Rainey Pierson,
Long Beach Branch, NAACP
Long Beach, Calif.

Associate Editor Christiana Nielson Responds: Thank you for your kind words, Naomi. It’s always great to hear that we are accomplishing­ our goal of informing and entertaining readers while being inclusive at the same time.

Every time I pick up American Way, I’m always pulled in. Whether it’s the cover story that sparks my curiosity to learn more about someone famous, fabulous photos of an exotic place on my bucket list (which grows with every issue) or something unexpected that makes me laugh or smile or tear up … whatever it is, I’m never disappointed. Plus, there are always cool new gadgets, apps, fashionable trinkets or travel tips. Last but not least, Adam Pitluk, you crack me up! Thanks for sharing your sense of humor, insightful interviews and never-ending adventures.
Julie Langford, Austin, Texas
A.P. Responds: Pulling you in is exactly what we, collectively — as a magazine — try to do, Julie. Making you cry as well as laugh, that’s what I ­personally try to do. And never the twain shall meet.

The article about Macy’s Christmas windows (“The Man Behind the Window,” Dec. 15, 2013) made me return to more than 40 years ago when, as a 12-year-old kid, I saw the Christmas decorations in NYC for the first time. Since then, I have returned to New York many times, but I always prefer to fly there during the holiday season. The magic is still there, and I wish I could have visited NYC this December during my trip to the U.S. Thank you for bringing the memories back for me.
Dr. Marco Tulio Baccarini Pires, Ph.D.,
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Associate Editor Jan Hubbard Responds: Seeing the windows even once is an experience you remember for a lifetime, Dr. Pires. And you are proof of that.

On a recent flight, I had occasion to read Ethan Rouen’s puff piece about [now former] New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (“Michael Bloomberg Wants to Save the World,” Dec. 15, 2013). While Mr. Rouen is obviously enamored by Bloomberg, I am not. What Mr. Rouen describes is an egotistical tyrant who believes that because he is extremely wealthy, he can tell the rest of us what to do. Sorry, I don’t buy the whitewash, and I’m more than dismayed that American Way would choose to put the man on the cover and write such a laudatory article.
Charles Dobra, Roselle, Ill.

A.P. Responds: I respectfully disagree that Ethan Rouen’s story was a “puff piece,” Charles. Puff pieces are generally one-sided and present no opposing point of view. Rouen presents a view of the Bloomberg administration that is the equivalent of a literary gut-punch. Here’s but one example: “ ‘It is a shame that the mayor refuses to address or even acknowledge the toll that the NYPD’s discriminatory and abusive policing practices exact on the rights and dignity of the people — especially young men of color, who are the prime targets,’ says Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union.”

What a daunting task it must be to write for the multitudes of varied readers of American Way. Sure, I don’t always like all the articles, but I’m captivated every issue with several articles about something I haven’t heard or read about before. I love the variety of unique advertised products, usually of high quality, that I often don’t see anywhere else. Then there are the specific articles that always catch my attention in each issue. For example, I was fascinated by the Dec. 15 article on Michael Bloomberg because first of all, I couldn’t fathom that he had been mayor since 2002, but more so because of all that he had accomplished. Not being from New York, I didn’t have a clue. What a warrior and champion he has been.
Ralph Lagergren, Wichita, Kan.
J.H. Responds: There are obviously divergent opinions on the former mayor, Ralph, but he certainly was not one to be ignored.