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Like Steven Spielberg, I have also had a longtime fascination with President Lincoln (“Pursuit of Perfection,” Dec. 1, 2012). Knowing the attention to detail Spielberg commands and his successes with prior historical movies, I was thoroughly intrigued. What was Lincoln like? What was his family like? I wanted to see how Sally Fields plays his abusive wife. I never saw nor heard this in my history classes. I wanted to see his astuteness as a politician and his interactions with his family and leaders. I wonder if he saw the inevitable: that the United States could not sustain slavery. Men would have to be free. I am a beneficiary of his work. My son can go to the Naval Academy and I can go and watch him play football as a free man. I have been included in “We the people” and am so grateful that I am. Your magazine is a good magazine because it includes the extraordinary. It is both informative and entertaining. In a sense, the article on Spielberg’s Lincoln parallels the American way.
Roosevelt Adams Jr., San Antonio

EDITOR ADAM PITLUK RESPONDS: This is a very powerful letter, Roosevelt, one that made me go back and reread our Spielberg story. I very much appreciate what you have written.

I am a U.S. citizen living in Recife, Brazil, and my fiancé, Bruno, is a Brazilian living in Boston (a true 21st-century global romance). Our jobs have kept us living apart, but our AAdvantage miles have made a very long-distance relationship thrive, thanks to affordable award tickets. It’s only 40,000 miles for a ticket between the U.S. and South America, and American Airlines is the only airline with direct flights between Miami and the Brazilian Northeast. Seeing Rome featured in American Way (“Past in Present,”­ Dec. 15, 2012) was a happy reminder of how American ­Airlines’ excellent mileage program has helped us maintain our long-distance relationship these past two years and how we have a joyous occasion to look forward to in 2013 — our wedding in Italy. We decided to tie the knot there in June. And Bruno’s ticket to the wedding? You guessed it: AAdvantage miles. Other airlines wanted double the miles that AA requires for the same itinerary to Rome. We are looking forward to checking out some of the great tips from American Way when we are there.
Heidi Arola, Recife, Brazil 

ASSOCIATE EDITOR JAN HUBBARD RESPONDS: Congratulations on your amazing long-distance commitment to each other, Heidi, but more importantly on your wedding. It’s great that American Airlines’ AAdvantage program has made it easier both for a relationship to flourish on two continents and to get to a third continent for your wedding. We wish you the very best.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Dec. 15 issue. Even though it was not the lead article, “Dinner for One” deserved a gold star. What an interesting and helpful article for those of us who travel and dine alone. I’m eager to try the recommendations listed. American Way contains useful information and articles worthy of appearing in The Atlantic or The New Yorker. American Way is head and shoulders above the other airline magazines.
D.M. Samsil, Birmingham, Ala

A.P. RESPONDS: As a writer-at-heart who has never — despite scores of attempts — ever been able to sell a story to The New Yorker or The Atlantic, let alone been able to get an editor to return my emails, this is the highest of compliments. You just made the day of the entire art and editorial staff of American Way, and that makes you our new best friend.

As a multiple sclerosis patient, air travel is extremely painful. Sitting in the same position for hours makes my legs hurt beyond what any over-the-counter pain medication can conquer. However, while traveling from Atlanta to Dallas and then from Dallas to Salt Lake City, I discovered your wonderful magazine. The articles (Nov. 15, 2012) were so interesting that I forgot about the pain. I took an imaginary trip to Las Vegas (“Thanksgiving in Vegas”) and enjoyed kay­aking on the Colorado River, hiking in Red Rock Canyon, and remembered vividly my actual visit to the dry desert floor of Death Valley. The Clark Street piece (“Brief: Go”), including Dave’s Records in Chicago, brought back memories of the good old days of experiencing music. Thank you for making a difficult trip enjoyable. I definitely plan to take even more adventures with American Way.
Margaret K. Peterson, West Valley City, Utah

J.H. RESPONDS:  It is humbling to be credited for helping you deal with such discomfort, Margaret. We’ve received nice compliments in the past, but yours was truly unique and appreciated.

On a recent flight, I noticed American Way (Oct. 1, 2012), and I’ll admit that the picture of Christina Applegate on the cover caught my eye. I read the issue from front to back, never even opening my iPad. I started by tearing up as I read one of the letters in the “Air Mail” section talking about the final journey of one of our fallen soldiers. I had to keep starting and stopping my reading because I kept getting choked up. The letter was beautiful, poignant and shows once again the best that the people of this country have to offer. Although I was never a fan of Married with Children, Applegate is one child who grew up into not only a talented actress but also a true role model.
Dennis J. Martinek, Southbridge, Mass.

DESIGN COORDINATOR BETSY L. SEMPLE RESPONDS: Thank you for taking the time to write to us, Dennis. We’re blushing reading your kind words. It’s great to know we’ve made an impact on our customers.