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We enjoy hearing what you think about the magazine — so much so that if your letter to the editor is published in a 2014 issue, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win 100,000 AAdvantage­ miles. Want a chance at the miles? Simply email your thoughts to us at

Thank you for the great profile of Gen. Richard Myers (“The General in Repose,” Nov. 1, 2013). I was very appreciative that you ran this article, because I believe we have a long way to go as a country in terms of appreciating our armed forces and the sacrifices they make. I think that regardless of your political stance, regardless of your opinion of whether or not we should be fighting certain wars or having a military presence in certain regions, we should still idolize our military, because at the end of the day, they make incredible sacrifices to carry out the will of our elected representatives and they protect our freedoms around the world. We have a massive veteran population in Los Angeles and so many are jobless. Myers’ work with the Biomedical Equipment Technology ­Program is really going beyond the call of duty. I wish there were more CEOs like Nick Hallack who recognize the opportunity to grow their businesses and give back to our vets. Thanks to Myers for his continuing service and to all of our troops for their efforts and sacrifices.
Perry Kalmus, Los Angeles 

AA PILOT/COORDINATOR, VETERANS AND MILITARY INITIATIVES TIM RAYNOR RESPONDS: Well said, my friend! And thanks, Perry, for your patriotic feedback. Correct indeed, General Myers’ leadership at MediSend, combined with Nick Hallack’s vision, is providing incredible opportunities for this generation’s young men and women who are separating from the service. Your assessment of the joblessness in Los Angeles is a common theme throughout this country, sad to say. Fortunately, there are companies like MediSend that are stepping up to help fill this void. Our veterans program at AA is proud to partner with them. We’re also very proud that our own company is stepping up to provide jobs for veterans who are separating from the military as well.

Alfreda Iglehart
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ALFREDA IGLEHART from Los Angeles is the 2013 winner of the 100,000 ­AAdvantage miles for your thoughts drawing. Her letter, entitled “Delicious Reading,” admiring our very appetizing Aug. 15, 2013, cover on Charlotte, N.C., ran in the Oct. 15, 2013, issue of American Way.

I am part of the military family and I fly American Airlines. I notice in American Way that you have airport maps. I think it would be helpful if you add an American flag to point out where the USO locations are in each airport. I think that would be an awesome idea.
Belinda Kahapea, Biloxi, Miss. 

“NAVIGATE” EDITOR JENNIFER NORRIS RESPONDS: We also think that pointing out USO locations is an awesome idea, Belinda. If you look now, starting on page 80 in your magazine, you’ll see that we have updated the terminal maps to include USO locations throughout our featured U.S. terminals. We hope that military service members and their families find this helpful. Thank you for the suggestion.

The book Some Nerve: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave by Patty Chang ­Anker (“Itinerary,” Oct. 15, 2013) that was reviewed by Stephen J. Lyons made a perfect Christmas gift for almost everybody I know (including me). While fear is vital, it can also keep us from trying something new, making progress or living our everyday life as we picture it. I remember that day when I thought about shortening the visit at my parents’ house because I didn’t want to drive home when it was dark. My stepdad convinced me to stay for dinner by saying that circumstances such as darkness or rain should not intimidate me or make me miss out on certain occasions. Overcoming fear can make you stronger, so it is important to show some nerve from time to time.
Katharina van Neer, Krefeld, Germany

MANAGING EDITOR TRAVIS KINSEY RESPONDS: We definitely all have fears we battle on a daily basis, Katharina. For me, it’s dogs. A traumatic experience as a child has made me forever leery of them. I’m glad our book review armed you with holiday gift ideas and a tool in your life going forward. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

Inspiration often comes when you are least expecting it. I found this true while reading “The Dancing Marine” in American Way (“Brief: Q&A,” Oct. 15, 2013). I am a professional male dancer with an international touring company. As I near my mid-30s ­(retirement age for many dancers), I am beginning to think about my next chapter in life. After reading the article about ­Roman Baca, I was inspired and determined to ­create my own dance project, which will hopefully grow into a future for my family and me. I applaud your approach to this piece, and I am thrilled that you include articles such as this on a regular basis.
Morgan Hulen, Louisville, Ky

ASSOCIATE EDITOR CHRISTIANA NIELSON RESPONDS: Congratulations, Morgan, and good luck on your dance project.