Web Exclusive

I usually don’t take the time to write to editors about articles I have read, but Adam Pitluk was on the money in his December 1 editorial [“Up Here, in the Air”] regarding brand loyalty. I’ve been flying American Airlines for over 35 years (I started as a kid) and have continued through my post-college years to today. I generally log about 60,000 miles annually with American. Airline travel is a necessary commodity in our business, as we have clients all over the country, and American’s network from here in LAX and Orange County gives us access to just about every city in the United States. Thank you for publishing a great magazine, and thank you to the hard-working employees at the airline for being there through these crazy economic times, as their top-tier customers will be with them through thick and thin.


ADAM PITLUK responds: With 60,000 miles banked annually, this is most certainly your magazine. We at AW try to mirror the courtesy and gratitude of our coworkers within the airline by catering our services to you, our road warriors. I very much appreciate you taking the time to write and am flattered that you were compelled enough to write in with your thoughts. Hope to see you at 37,000 feet again before too long.

In October of this year, I was flying to Lima from Miami, happened to pick up a copy of your magazine, and read an article about the Mexican Day of the Dead [“A Night to Remember,” October 1, 2009]. I found it absolutely fascinating! The story really captured the essence of what this holiday is about, and I was really intrigued by the whole thing. The photographs were also absolutely amazing! I’d love to visit the towns mentioned for the Day of the Dead celebration. Please pass my appreciation on to the writer(s) and photographer(s). Would it be at all possible to send me a copy of the article or magazine if you still have one? I really did enjoy it that much!


ADAM PITLUK responds: Thanks so much, Ailsa. I really appreciate your feedback, and I’m glad we could help in your future travel planning. I’m sticking a copy of that issue in the mail as we speak. Happy travels.

My name is SMSgt Wilfredo Vargas, and I am a U.S. Air Force Security Forces member proudly serving my country for the last 26 years. I recently took a trip to Peterson AFB in Colorado, and on my return trip had the pleasure of reading your “Editor’s Note” in the October 15 issue, “Our Brave Warriors.” I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate the article and to extend you my appreciation for recognizing [this country’s brave men and women]. As I was almost done reading your article, one of the flight attendants made an announcement that several passengers on the flight were military members and, similar to what you described, asked the passengers to take the time to thank the servicemen and women on the flight for our service. This was a class act coming from a well-established airline. The recognition that American Airlines has given us is unbelievable. I want to personally thank you for taking the time to recognize us for our service.


ADAM PITLUK RESPONDS: I would like to thank you for not only taking the time to write me but for calling out and acknowledging our first-rate in-flight crew. I have family scattered all over the country, and before I worked for AA, even though I’d try to fly AA every chance I got, there was a time when I’d fly whichever carrier had the cheapest ticket. And each time I did, being a general aviation enthusiast (and having a former roommate who’s now a USAF Major flying the F-15), I’d make mental notes of which airlines took care of our servicemen and women. By a landslide, AA was always tops. Please pass along my warmest regards, thoughts, and prayers to the men and women of your squadron. You’re making us all proud to be Americans.