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24 is back on your TV, and Mary Lynn Rajskub is back as the smart and surefire Chloe O’Brian.

Here’s what every 24 viewer already knows: Never count out Jack Bauer. Indeed, everyone’s favorite CTU agent, who saved the day for eight seasons, is back for an encore with this month’s television event, 24: Live Another Day. And while Jack is unstoppable, Mary Lynn Rajskub (aka Chloe O’Brian, Jack’s tech-genius, go-to gal) was more than a little surprised at his resurrection.

“I’d heard rumors of a movie for the first couple of years after the show ended. After a while, it was like ‘OK, we’re not going to get this together.’ And you start to put the show behind you,” Rajskub says. “So this was really out of the blue for me. I found out like everybody else did when they announced it. I called Kiefer [Sutherland, who plays Jack] and he said, ‘Congratulations,’ and then I waited another two months before they officially offered me a deal,” she laughs.

Kiefer Sutherland an Mary Lynn Rajskub on 24: Live Another Day
In the years since 24 went off the air — and Jack and Chloe slipped off the intelligence grid — Rajskub has kept busy with other projects: guest-starring on a slew of shows, like 2 Broke Girls and Modern Family, and taking her stand-up comedy routine on the road. Not to mention raising her 5-year-old son. So stepping back into Chloe’s (well-worn) shoes wasn’t as easy as expected. “It’s been bizarre and amazing,” she says. “It takes you a beat or two to catch up, and then you slip into the familiar patterns that you had with these people. There’s no recreating the past, so we’re kind of taking old 24 and making it new again.”

And new again means that we pick up with the dynamic duo in London, four years after we last saw them. Jack is now a fugitive, and Chloe has gone underground. And while Rajskub would likely have to sic Jack on us for revealing spoilers, she can say this: “Chloe has suffered some personal turmoil and heartbreak, and she actually turned away from the U.S. government. She becomes like an Edward Snowden-type character. It’s very of the moment and what’s happening in the world right now.”

Other than that, viewers can expect the series’ trademark ticking clock, Jack’s heroism and lots of great family viewing. “I can’t tell you how many people have come up and told me that they’ve bonded with their family over this show,” Rajskub says. Though she was ready to move on, she’s happy to be pulled back in. “As of now, I’m officially prepared for every other person to call me ‘Chloe.’ ”