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For the past three years, Shft.com, the Webby Award–winning multimedia magazine from producer Peter Glatzer and actor/activist Adrian Grenier (Entourage), has used video, art and stories to promote the founders’ ecoconscious lifestyles — featuring design, art and cultural trends that meet their high standards of sustainability and aesthetics. While the site has been curatorial up to this point, this year, at Portugal’s International Gourmet Festival, the duo launched their first product: SHFT House Wines. “We throw a lot of events, dinner parties with sustainable food, and wine really fits in quite well with bringing people together to socialize and talk about ideas,” says Grenier of the debut bottling, a fruit-forward Rhône blend of grenache, syrah, mourvedre and tempranillo that’s made from biodynamically farmed grapes in Paso Robles, Calif., by local vigneron Mark Adams. “We wanted something that was robust and a little bit decadent and indulgent,” adds Grenier, “to show you can live a grand life while still being responsible to the planet and sustainable.” After producing 650 cases of the red, the Shft boys will soon roll out another lot, potentially showcasing varietals in the future. “We plan to work with other winemakers in different regions; it’s really just about the terroir,” Glatzer says. “We want to share the things that inspire us and not be preachy and dictatorial. You can’t cajole people to living a different way, you have to move them, emotionally — and the wine was a very natural extension for that.” $25, www.shft.com