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Tired of crawling along baseboards in search of a phone jack? T-Mobile HotSpot service could make that activity obsolete.

Arm your laptop with a wireless networking card, find a T-Mobile HotSpot location, and you canlog on to the Internet to check e-mail, surf for news and sports scores, even connect to a company videoconference.

Already in more than 2,000 locations across the United States — including 21 American Airlines Admirals Clubs — T-Mobile is adding hundreds of new locations this year, aiming to have a HotSpot in every Admirals Club in the United States by summertime, says David Cable, T-Mobile executive program director.
Basically, the T-Mobile HotSpot service provides “Wi-Fi” (802.11b) connectivity via wireless access points at locations busy travelers frequently visit. Your laptop’s Wi-Fi card communicates with the access points at speeds of a T1 line, as long as you’re within approximately 300 feet. T-Mobile HotSpot service offers both unlimited-usage and pay-as-you-go access plans, and currently for American Airlines customers, a one-day free trial. To sign up for the offer, club members can pick up a brochure at the Admirals Club or visit www.t-mobile.com/hotspot/american for more information. For more about the Admirals Club, visit