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When fashion photographer Nigel Barker was unceremoniously dismissed last year from his judging duties after 18 seasons on the hit show America’s Next Top Model (along with fellow judge J. Alexander and model mentor Jay Manuel), the show’s fans were shocked — and eager to see where the dashing Brit would pop up next. Now they have their answer: Barker has returned to TV on the modeling reality competition The Face, which premiered earlier this month on Oxygen. This time around, Barker — who’s working alongside supermodel coaches Naomi Campbell, Coco Rocha and Karolina Kurkova — is front and center as the show’s host. American Way caught up with the busy family man (who says his 4-year-old daughter is his favorite person to photograph) and humanitarian (he’s directed and produced several documentaries focusing on social and environmental issues) to get his tips for how to look great in pictures.
Getty Images for Montblanc

1. “Believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous you are — if you’re not confident, the whole message of the photo is gone. That means you must feign confidence if need be.”

2. “Think of something you love. Whether it’s a piece of chocolate melting over your tongue or someone you have a crush on, when your eyes come to life and tell a story, that’s the start to a great picture.”

3. “Create angles with your body. There’s a reason why you always see stars on the red carpet looking over their shoulder: The camera loves angles. Put your hand on your hip or put one foot in front of the other.”