“What keeps me from just
pelting your honking auto
with rotting garbage?”

Billing itself as the “Zen antidote to road rage,” Honku is a collection of more than 100 haiku dedicated to life on both the open and traffic-jammed roads. Author Aaron Naparstek was inspired to begin his Honku collection following an altercation involving cars, eggs, and certain four-letter words. Recognizing those ingredients as a short road to trouble, Naparstek turned to Honku to soothe his automotive angst. The result? Page after page of gems — some thinly disguised as social commentary, some simply written to amuse. Or, in this case, to inspire a Honku of our own:

“Thank You, Naparstek
Now we laugh instead of shake
Our fists at red lights.”

For more Honku, steer your browser
to www.honku.org.