Slim & Sage takes the guesswork out of portion control with pretty, practical new plates that help diners discreetly follow dietary guidelines. Company founder Tatyana Beldock studied existing health research and consulted with experts from Stanford and Harvard during development of the line, which focuses users on nutritious foods while encouraging them to cut their caloric intake by upward of 50 percent. The 9-inch curved porcelain plates, available in four styles, feature an interlocking swirl pattern that disguises recommended serving sizes. Simply fill one quarter of the platter with whole grains, one quarter with lean protein and one half with fruits and vegetables for a well-balanced, suitably sized meal. As they make healthy eating more intuitive, the ­microwave- and dishwasher-safe plates also serve a philanthropic purpose: Slim & Sage donates 2 percent of its profits to childhood-obesity research.
$99 for four,