When Ty Richardson’s career took him from Washington, D.C., to Dublin, he found himself adjusting to a new country, a new culture and a new job all at once. He searched for a young-professionals group that might lend support but found none operating in the city. So, Richardson started one.Now he’s using that experience to develop YoPro Global, a social network that guides young professionals from college to the corner office.

After joining the site, ­YoPro Global members verify a pre-­populated profile that highlights their expertise, interests and aspirations. Some also upload creative work or link to existing online résumés. YoPro Global stands apart from traditional job-search sites by encouraging­ participants to proactively pursue their goals — and members earn points by being active on the site. The more points they have, the more benefits they receive, including more options to connect with other members.

“This is purely designed around people connecting with other people,” says Richardson, who co-founded the group with Ronny­ Ellefsen and Drew Morrison. “We’re teaching people how to network for success.”

YoPro Global launches this month, and members will be invited to in-person ­professional-networking events in Miami, Chicago, London, Tokyo and other major cities.