Sean Laurenz

The Brit is back. Rhona Mitra — hot on the heels of her U.K. drama Strike Back — is stateside again with a double-header: Michael Bay’s made-for-TV summer blockbuster, The Last Ship, and this month’s big-screen thriller The Loft. American Way caught up with the London-born actress.

American Way: So, The Last Ship is all Michael Bay, but for TV.
Rhona Mitra: Well, it’s definitely got the undercurrent of Michael Bay; nobody does explosions and bombast like Michael can. And we’re definitely waving the American flag, but there’s an illusion to that. It’s really about how we behave when we’re thrown such a magnanimous catastrophe.

AW: What is your character like?
RM: She wears boots, jeans — I’ve dubbed her style “frisky granola.” She uses her brain rather than her brawn. I think it’s really important for little girls to see that.

AW: Which is a contrast to The Loft, a dark psychological thriller.
RM: I got to play the wife of James Marsden, which was a treat. But I tend to be drawn to the darker stuff. I think it’s because American comedy is very different from Brit comedy. So the writing has to match up. The [Brit] humor can be quite twisted.