Skip the Middleman
The range of media formats that various consumer electronics utilize is as vast and as diverse as the industry itself. Ease the pain of swapping data among them with Memorex’s TravelLink — it lets you transfer files between two USB storage devices, two flash cards (eight-in-one reader included), or a flash card and USB device, no computer necessary. It’s a great way to get those photos, say, from your digital camera onto a thumb drive. $80.

It’s the same old song: Apple introduces a new iPod (now featuring video!); competitors respond in kind. But don’t dismiss Creative’s Zen Vision:M as another one-hit wonder. If anything, its 30-gigabyte hard drive, ultracolorful 2.5-inch display, and pleasing performance — units feature decent battery life, support music-subscription services, and include an FM tuner — are music to our ears. Built-in multimedia slide show and voice-recording capabilities also prove a smash hit. $300.

Lightest One in the Bunch
Filmmakers who prefer traveling light are in luck; Sanyo’s Xacti VPC HD1 camcorder offers a pixel-perfect solution for on-the-go shooting. Weighing in at only 8.4 ounces, it’s the world’s smallest, slimmest portable high-definition digital media camera. Take gorgeous 5.1-megapixel snaps using integrated 10x zoom capabilities, or capture live footage at stunning 720-pixel resolution — both inspire awe on the device’s crisp, 2.2-inch OLED monitor. $800.

Arm Yourself
Imation’s Flash Wristband, available in stylish blue or black, strikes a chord with our inner diva. The fashion-conscious flash drive not only stores 256 megabytes of data; it’ll also match your socks. $35.

Multifunctional — on a Whole New Level
It’s an MP3 player! It’s a voice recorder! It’s an FM radio! No, it’s a SwissMemory Victorinox Swiss Army knife — that just happens to be all those other things too. Okay, so Swissbit’s S.beat suffers from severe schizophrenia, but we’re still suckers for the jack-of-all-trades gizmo. Fill it with hundreds of tracks, then enjoy up to eight hours of soothing audio playback on a detachable digital-music jukebox. Just be careful where you point it during dance parties. $200 for the 1 GB model, $250 for the 2 GB (and stay tuned for the 4 GB).