When Post-it Notes were invented at 3M more than 20 years ago, the little yellow stickies were meant to give office workers a new way to communicate. But as most people know, Post-its left the office and began showing up on everything from refrigerators to bathroom mirrors to computers to lunchboxes. The only problem was the original notes didn’t stick well to nonpaper surfaces. Consumers didn’t complain, but 3M noticed the innovative ways customers were using the notes, and the ensuing problem. So after six years of research and experimenting, they launched a new product line called Post-it Super Sticky Notes, which are designed to stick on any vertical surface. “The Post-it brand is about providing simple ways for people to communicate and express ideas. Our consumers were using the notes on lots of surfaces on their own, but now with the new technology, people can do it with the confidence they will stick,” says Jack Truong, general manager of 3M’s office supplies division. The initial response has been overwhelming, with a nearly 100 percent customer satisfaction rate reported, along with a few surprises about where Super Stickies are being stuck. Consumers reported that Super Stickies withstood attachment to windshields, the outside of cars, and even baby diapers. So what’s next? 3M will leave that up to its customers.