Got a big job you can’t quite wrap at the office? Take it on vacation, along with this mini-drive and a laptop. It weighs less than a can of soda, but its companion disk stores up to 250MB of data. The USB cable hooks directly to your notebook and is hot-swappable, meaning there’s no need to reboot after hooking it up. Best of all, the Zip250 works off your laptop’s power, so you can leave the power adapter and extra cables at home. (800) 697-8833
OLYMPUS DS-3000 ($399)
Doctors and attorneys should find a friend in this pocket-size digital dandy, which recognizes up to 10 different voices to record reports, memos, and letters — with a 16MB media card for up to 5 1/2 hours (or upgrade to 22 hours worth with a 64MB media card). The key: bundled dictation software. You download audio messages, and then create, identify, and store files by their author’s voice. You can even turn transcriptions into e-mail attachments. The 3000 comes compatible with IBM’s ViaVoice speech recognition software (not included), holds up to 199 messages in each of three folders, and runs almost 11 hours on two AAA batteries. (800) 622-6372
Why stay office-bound sending e-mail and writing memos when you could do it all while working on your tan? Pack this 2.2-pound wireless Web pad along with the sunscreen. Just pop a 56K PCMCIA card into the EverPad for a wireless land-line Internet connection (six months from now, the EverPad will be equipped so you can use your cell phone as a modem). No cords, no cables, no electrical outlets necessary. Using the 16MB of RAM, Windows CE operating system, and a touch-screen stylus, you can get a jump on new projects before heading home. (800) 383-7391