PDAs seem to grow faster and flashier by the day —

Cassiopeia BE-300 ($300)

In a rush? If so, Casio’s brand-new PDA should suit your need for speed via its lightning-quick 166MHz processor. The compact flash slot will eventually let you go wireless (for LAN and Bluetooth connections, among others). And because the BE-300 comes with a hefty 16MB of memory built in, you can use the PC-card port for all the other gadgetry you’re craving. Another nice touch: the 3.2-inch, 16-bit color screen. www.casio.com
HandEra 330 ($349.99)

Love gazing at spreadsheets but sick of squinting at your handheld’s skimpy screen? This clever newcomer ditches the traditional icon area in favor of a full, high-res (240 x 320) mono- chromatic display — big enough to squeeze in stats aplenty.
The 330 also sports a built-in voice recorder, easy-slide thumb wheel, and two expansion slots to accommodate a variety of
accessories. Power is your choice: four AAA batteries or an
optional, rechargeable lithium ion pack. www.handera.com
Visor Edge ($399)

What’s not to like about Handspring’s newest family member? It’s fast enough (a 33MHz processor), efficient (the lithium ion battery runs about four weeks per charge), and oh-so-svelte: a mere 0.44 inches slim and 4.8 ounces. And with the Springboard slot, adding options is literally a snap. Choose anything from digital cameras ($99.95) and voice recorders ($99.99) to the VisorPhone ($249) and a Wireless Ethernet Card ($299). Too bad the screen comes in monochrome only — but we’ll survive. (888) 565-9393