Long hailed as the Next Big Thing, Tablet PCs are moving from quirky concept to valued tool, though not without some glitches. Here’s the best of the new breeds.

FUJITSU STYLISTIC ST4110, about $2,200

ASSETS: Soft-covered back makes for comfy handling.

LIABILITIES: Lacks a navigation pad, so you’ve got to use the stylus to control the cursor.

BOTTOM LINE: If you favor performance over flash, the Stylistic is the ticket.

MORE INFO:www.fujitsupc.com
TOSHIBA PROTÉGÉ 3505 TABLET PC, about $2,500

ASSETS: With a fast-zapping 1.3GHz Pentium III-M processor and 512MB of RAM, this baby is loaded for biz.

LIABILITIES: Pricey and a bit heavier than most of its peers.

BOTTOM LINE: It’s a slate, a notebook, a pres-
entation unit — it’s super Tab!

MORE INFO:www.toshiba.com
MOTION M1200, about $2,100

ASSETS: Bright 12.1-inch screen is eye-friendly; superior battery life.

LIABILITIES: Puts out considerable heat with prolonged use, so you’ll need a long-sleeved shirt.

BOTTOM LINE: A dependable unit that excels in writing input.

MORE INFO: www.motioncomputing.com