American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum

Historic DC-3

C.R. Smith Museum: Where history takes flight

Cyrus Rowlett Smith became president of American Airlines in 1934 and led the airline for the next 34 years. Named for the innovative aviation pioneer, the American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum honors his accomplishments and preserves the history of American Airlines.

The museum, which opened in 1993, features interactive exhibits that take you on a tour through time. Visitors discover the story of flight through hundreds of exhibits filled with artifacts, photographs, engines and a rare Douglas DC-3 airliner. A state-of-the-art 4K digital theater features The Pursuit of Flight, a film outlining history of aviation from ancient times through today.

Just like airplanes capture our imaginations, the C.R. Smith Museum captivates families, groups and people of all ages.

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Let your event take flight when you book your party, wedding, charity or corporate event at the C.R. Smith Museum. Book your group, from five to 500, and enjoy a nostalgic dining experience under the silver wings of the restored 1940s DC-3 Flagship Knoxville. Or plan a briefing in our theater with 104 First-Class stadium-style seats. For additional information, visit the C.R. Smith Museum.

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On a daily basis, the C.R. Smith Museum brings history to life and makes scientific concepts easily understood. The museum's emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) makes learning fun and ignites interests in these important arenas.

As a nonprofit organization, our revenue is limited to donations, memberships, event rentals and ticket and gift shops sales. Visit our donation page or the C.R. Smith Museum gift shop to help preserve history and support this important endeavor.